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  •  08.12.2020 Rus (CO) Italy

    Molto bene,tutto come da descrizione,consegna veloce e ottimo prezzo

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    Complimenti! Arrivato in tempi record!

  •  20.11.2020 Can (MN) Italy3798

    Sono contentissimo per il gioco e soprattutto per il personale che mi ha aiutato per la scelta.

  •  20.11.2020 Can (MN) Italy

    Personale gentilissimo è professionale... Ordine arrivato dopo neanche 24 h Prodotto perfetto... Grazie

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Item code: 51WG-SWITCH-UK
Barcode: 045496426316
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Play and discover 51 board games, tabletop games, and more all in one package—Clubhouse GamesTM: 51 Worldwide Classics. This diverse collection includes games from all over the world across multiple genres, from familiar favorites like Chess to international hits like Mancala that have been around for 100s of years!
From a vacation trip to the big screen at home—there are many ways to play. Play on the go, on the TV, with friends in-person or online*, with one Joy-ConTM controller per player** or sharing the touch screen, and even across the screens of multiple Nintendo Switch systems with Mosaic Mode***! In this mode you can build dozens of Slot Cars racetracks or turn a pond into a river for more fishing fun.

Competitive players and board game enthusiasts who want to improve their skills can challenge multiple difficulty levels of CPU opponents, collectors can unlock trivia facts about each game, and beginners and game masters alike can go for a personal best! Download the free supplementary software from the eShop, and you will be able to play all Local Play-supported games if you connect with someone who has the full game!

Enjoy familiar favorites and learn hidden gems from around the world in this collection of 51 board games, tabletop games and more! Whether you like to sit and strategize or rely on reflexes, Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics contains games from across an array of genres for you to play and discover. Each game is presented with stunning detail as dice clack, marbles glimmer, and chess pieces tumble off the board when it’s jostled.

You can brush up on your skills or learn a new game through helpful in-game tutorials, assist features, and even an Undo button in certain games. Strategic players will feel right at home with games like Four-in-a-row and Renegade, while those who prefer to use their reflexes can enjoy games like Slot Cars and Toy Boxing!

Bring all 51 games on the go in handheld mode or play on the big screen for your next game night. Gather some friends and line up multiple Nintendo Switch systems in tabletop mode for Mosaic Mode***, which allows the action to spread across up to four screens in certain games! In this mode you can build dozens of Slot Cars racetracks or turn a pond into a river for more fishing fun.

Pass a Joy-Con to a friend** to play on a single system or connect to the internet* and play with friends or anyone around the world. If you want some solo practice, multiple difficulty levels of CPU opponents make for tough competition. Each time you play a game, you’ll unlock pieces of trivia filled with fun facts, bits of history, and more!

Join the tabletop fun with the free Clubhouse Games™ Guest Pass With this free supplementary software, you can play any of the multiplayer games featured in the Clubhouse Games™: 51 Worldwide Classics game when you connect locally with someone who owns the full game*! That's over 40 games that up to four people can all play together this way.

Try out four of the games included in the full collection - This software also includes four games for you to try on your own or with friends— Four-in-a-Row, Dominoes, President and Slot Cars. Each game also includes multiplayer**!

Enjoy 51 tabletop games and more from all over the world from the convenience of your Nintendo SwitchTM system
Play your favorite games or explore and learn new ones with tutorial and assist features
Play alone or with friends locally*** and online*
Combine up to four Nintendo Switch systems to expand the play area across multiple connected screens***
Free supplementary software available on Nintendo eShop lets you connect with someone who owns the full game you will be able to play all the games that can be played locally
Check out the Guide Globe to discover what others around the world are playing
Become a master of each game by defeating all the CPU levels
Unlock trivia about each game and learn


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